Say Hello to OtterClam DAO

6 min readNov 23, 2021

Gather round the stream, Otters!

I’ve got some very exciting news. OtterClam has just announced the launch of its decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO. What is OtterClam? What is a DAO? Lean in close, Otters, and I’ll tell you all about it.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year you’ve probably heard about memecoins. OtterClam is one of these; however, there are some key differences between us and other memecoins.

What is OtterClam?

We are the first decentralized reserve memecoin protocol on the Polygon Network. That’s a mouthful, so let me break it down for you.

Decentralized means there is no central point of control. This is possible because we operate on a blockchain, the main technology that secures cryptocurrencies.

Not only is the underlying technology behind OtterClam decentralized, we are too! We come from streams and ponds around the world. Any Otter can help turn OtterClam into the protocol they want it to be. I’m a member of the DAO — and any Otter reading this can become one, too.

Reserve means that each CLAM, our native token, is backed by a basket of digital assets (MAI/QUICK/MATIC) in our treasury. This gives CLAM an intrinsic value that it cannot fall below. This means a lot in a space where coins sometimes lose all of their value.

What makes OtterClam so exciting?

That’s all great, but here’s where things really get interesting: we’re able to offer otterly (sorry) mouth-watering APY due to our application of game-theory principles. Otters are incentivized to hold CLAM and add to our treasury through bonding and staking. Otters that bond will benefit from the price stability, while Otters that stake benefit from supply growth! This deserves its own article, so we’ll dive deeper into this in another post, but in the stream-time you can always read our docs on for more information.

In the end, though, none of this means anything without our most precious gift to you: our community.

What makes the OtterClam community so special?

There’s no easy way to explain what makes a community special — you have to feel it. We know that the streams, rivers, and lakes of crypto can feel vast and cold at times. That’s why we have something special to introduce you to our community.

This op-ed, written by Narloke — a member of our DAO — will show you who we are, and remind you that even in the vast world of crypto, you’re not alone. Without further ado, let’s hand things off to Narloke!

The Otterly Nice Op-Ed


I remember clearly the moment I knew I wanted to be a high school teacher. It was my junior year, in 5th Period History. It was my favorite class for several reasons: I was with two of my best friends, it was right before lunch, the learning was actually interesting, and my favorite teacher was in charge.

On this particular day, our teacher walked through the door with three large pizzas. He distributed plates and soda as my classmates and I turned into ravenous teenagers. From the outside, one might think we were celebrating some accomplishment, or that it was the last day of school. Nope. It was the middle of February, cold and dark; we were tired and just trying to make it through the day. My teacher bought us pizza not because he owed us anything, nor because of any specific achievement. My teacher bought us pizza because he cared for us and viewed us as more than just students. That’s when I knew I wanted to be a high school teacher.

Today, I try to embody the same kind of attitude towards my students. My philosophy is that I teach people, not content. I work hard to create a holistic space where productivity, joy, and peace intersect. It’s not perfect work, but it’s good work. Perhaps most importantly, it’s meaningful work.

In many ways, the OtterClam community reminds me of my 5th Period class. They embody the kind of environment I desire for my own classroom. I know what it’s like to be part of communities that are full of patience, clarity, and energy. The Otter Community is one of these communities.

I hope your experience here is similar to mine. Here’s what you should expect to find when you join the Otters.

What are the goals of OtterClam?

OtterClam has three distinct goals:

  1. Cultivate an environment where individuals are supported and encouraged.
  2. Ensure that every voice is heard and respected through DAO governance.
  3. Create a community-led financial system where the maximum number of people profit.

OtterClam is just a DAO fork, right?

You might be familiar with the concept of a “DAO Fork,” a version of the original Olympus DAO code. As DAO financial systems have gained popularity many developers have replicated this code to form their own projects.

A few minutes on YouTube/Google reveals information on dozens of DAO projects, each with their targeted niches and goals. For example, some projects are tackling climate change, or striving to build the next generation video game. This research often begs the question, which DAO provides the best investment opportunity?

The Otter Community believes there is a better question, “What is the right project for me?” Otters aren’t threatened or jealous of other communities. We applaud the efforts of entrepreneurs and those building their financial futures. If you want to support climate action, do it! If you love video games, invest in a project that promotes them!

Otters are committed to the idea that healthy communities are composed of committed, passionate individuals. All companies and projects need a healthy community to thrive, a DAO is no different.

The OtterClam community should be proud of its DAO. Two weeks into the project, and I am blown away by the intentionality, kindness, and focus of my fellow Otters. Ten minutes in our Discord channel will reveal fun give-aways, active moderators and developers, creative artwork, respectful debate, and so many other exciting things!

Unlike some DAOs, OtterClam has already engaged in governance: seven days into the project! Hundreds of Otters have signed up for marketing, data-analysis, and content roles. This Op-Ed has in fact been produced due to the Creative Content team’s brainstorming efforts.

So, is OtterClam just another “DAO Fork”? Yes, in some ways. However, the OtterClam Community has already evolved into so much more. We are swimming full-stream ahead, forging our own path in the DAO finance world.

Can I make money with OtterClam?

You likely discovered OtterClam by searching for new, potentially profitable projects. The good news is that you found one! OtterClam is innovatively transforming the crypto landscape through its community-focused DAO. There are many profitable investment opportunities. Here are three:

  1. APY and Rebasing
  2. Clams
  3. Future Growth

First, DAOs are known for their high APY and ours is consistently in the six-figure range: that’s a 5-day ROI of over 10%! Many point to this high yield as untenable long-term. We agree with that analysis! If one looks at Olympus DAO, they will see votes to reduce the APY to ensure the long-term health of the project. The prudent investor will immediately know that high APYs are not sustainable for years. But, a high APY is sustainable at the outset, and OtterClam is only a couple weeks old! Come for the APY and stay for the community!

Second, unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, which are fully controlled by market factors, CLAM is backed by an intrinsic value and the OtterClam treasury. This system hedges against volatile market swings. For this reason, your investment with Clam may be safer than an investment in other new currencies.

Lastly, OtterClam is already starting to establish strong partnerships. Our first collaboration with QiDao, for example, will bring capital and legitimacy to our platform. I am confident that our team will continue to develop the OtterClam ecosystem in ways that highlight the strengths of our community and its vision.

Final Thoughts

OtterClam is a community which promotes a holistic financial system. We care about the people, the treasury, and the direction of our project. My goal is to participate in a new, exciting project, make friends along the way, and hopefully leave with more CLAMs than I came with. We hope you will join us as we forge a new path in the crypto-world…welcome to 5th Period!

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