Raking for Rarity

Who knew that all you had to do was grab a rake and get down and dirty in the riverbed to harvest some delicious clams? Don’t believe me? Ask Ottoking about his clam-raking session last weekend. Yes, raking was involved. And yes, delicious clams were eaten.

Anyway, back to the reason we’re here today — Raking for Rarity!

So you think your Otto, Lottie, or Cleo is rare? Let’s see how they stack up against the competition! What competition?

Glad you asked.

Beginning May 23, 2022, and lasting 8 weeks in total, OtterClam is hosting a rarity competition for Otto NFT Genesis Collection owners!

Here’s the TL;DR

Total Reward: 10,000 CLAM

Grand Prize: > 1000 CLAM(!)

Winners: Top 50% of all Ottos in circulation

Details: Ottopia Rarity Competition Season 1 — Google Sheets

Prize Pool Wallet: https://gnosis-safe.io/app/matic:0x8d53c0a8AE7CC8763d7cF5FD75A69c84F21Cd62d/home

Prize Pool Source: Otto NFT and item sales

Season Length: 8 weeks — 4 rounds — each round (aka “epoch”) = 2 weeks

Start Date: May 23, 2022, 0:00 UTC

Additional Ways to Earn:

  • Zodiac Signs: the same sign as the current epoch: BRS + 50
  • Birthday: the same birthday as the epoch end date: BRS + 150
  • Legendary: you know, because they’re legends — BRS + 100, (any modification will remove the legendary mark and lose BRS boost)

Sounds fun, but who can play and how do I enter?

A Deeper Dive

If you own an Otto, Cleo, or Lottie, you are eligible to compete in OtterClam’s first rarity competition, Raking for Rarity. If you’ve been hanging around the OtterClam community discord server lately, you’ve surely noticed the buzz around the rarity leaderboard, one of the Ottopia app’s newest features.

The rarity leaderboard is the best way to keep an eye on who is at the top of the stack, and the gap you need to close to get ahead, or stay ahead!

So, you’ve read the details, and you get the general idea, but want to know some of the ways you can improve your odds of winning?

It’s all about the rarity!

The rarity rankings will be determined by a simple formula:

Total Rarity Score = Base Rarity Score (BRS) + Relative Rarity Score (RRS)

The higher the total score, the higher the ranking.

You want to increase your odds of walking away with a slice of CLAM pie (a ≈ $25,000 pie!), with a chance of taking away the lion’s share (top prize ≈ $2,500)? Make sure your Otto NFTs are radiating with rarity! Only the most stunning attire, equipment, and backgrounds available will insure a place at the top of the leaderboard.

For those of you who may be less familiar with Ottopia and have no idea where to get all of these sizzling items, simply go here and check out the Portals, Ottos, and Items you may already have in your wallet.

If you feel like you are ill-equipped for the upcoming competition, stop by the Ottopia Store to purchase a Shell chest that suits your budget and matches your style.

If you’re still not happy with your Otto collection, and you’ve maxed out your equipment and accessories for the ones you have, you can still mint portals here. Just make sure your wallet is connected and you have CLAM available (note: staked CLAM/PEARL will not work).

Have the Ottopian Stars Aligned?

To spice things up, we’ve added a few additional ways to increase your Otto’s rarity score.

Does your Otto, Cleo, or Lottie’s birthday have the same month as the current epoch? If so, you’ll get 50 points added to your BRS!

Does it also have the same birthday as the current epoch end date? Cha-ching! +150!

Do you not know because you have no idea where your Otto’s birthday is listed? No worries, it’s super easy to find:

  1. From the Ottopia app, go to “Play” then “My Ottos.”
  2. From there, you can simply click or tap anywhere on one of your Ottos to retrieve a detailed view, which will include your Otto’s birthday.

It will look like this:

Last, but not least — we have to acknowledge the Ottos born to be legends. Do you have a legendary Otto? Boom. +100 points!

Caution! If legendary Ottos have been modified they will automatically lose their mark, and the boost will not be applied!

Ok, now that we have all of the information out there, let’s wrap this up.


Anyone who owns an Otto NFT is eligible to participate in the Raking for Rarity competition. A total of 10,000 CLAM will be divided among the rarest 50% of Ottos in circulation, with the rarest Otto raking in a 1,000 CLAM grand prize (see what I did there?)!

Keep your good eye on the leaderboard, stack those Ottos while using your equipment and other accessories to contribute to a higher rarity score, sit back, and watch your CLAMs pile up. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to check your Otto’s birthday! You may have additional rarity points coming your way!

See you downstream Otters!




Welcome to the Otter Kingdom

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Welcome to the Otter Kingdom

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