Level Up Otters, (4, 4) is Here!

Gather round the stream, Otters, and hold on to your furry tails! We’ve got a new token bond and (4,4) auto-staking system!

A Brief Intro to (4,4)

What could be better than the stake and chill way of life? Well, auto-stake bonding, of course!

The new bond system is called (4,4). That means when you bond, OtterClam will stake all your CLAM automatically. In short, you earn the most amount of CLAM possible because you get the full staking reward plus the bond discount! What does that mean, exactly?

Well, with this shiny new system we can create more premiums for bond selling. Previously, Otters only bonded when the bonding ROI was greater than the five day staking ROI which, in our case is roughly 12%. With (4,4), Otters are incentivized to bond at any ROI, as long as it’s over 0%, because we’ll get both the bond discount and the staking ROI. This of course has the added benefit of increasing our treasury value significantly, creating a healthier protocol for all Otters to enjoy!

In addition to the upgraded system, we’re adding a new token bond. So without further ado, let’s introduce FRAX!

Our Otterly New Token Bond and Why We Love It:

FRAX is a fractional-algorithmic stablecoin protocol on the Ethereum network. By introducing FRAX, we are making our treasury balance sheet more robust and diverse. Also, the majority of FRAX’s liquidity is on SushiSwap, so this development helps us expand our liquidity to the second largest DEX — SushiSwap on Polygon.

(FRAX/CLAM bond coming soon!)

How to bond FRAX (4, 4)

*You can only claim sCLAM from a (4, 4) bond once it’s fully vested.

  1. Use Sushiswap (polygon) to get FRAX. https://app.sushi.com/swap?outputCurrency=0x45c32fA6DF82ead1e2EF74d17b76547EDdFaFF89
  2. Select the FRAX (4,4) bond.
  3. Click Approve to allow your wallet to interact with the site.
  4. Enter the amount you’d like to bond. (Max 500 FRAX during the launch time)
  5. Click Bond.
  6. At the end of the vesting period (5 days), redeem your sCLAM.

*You can see your pending sCLAM reward increase through each rebase


As our community continues to grow, our team remains focused on creating not only the coolest, friendliest community of Otters on earth, but we also aim to show our OtterClam family and the world that it is possible to be financially sophisticated while having a good time.

Now, fellow Otters will be able to maximize returns by auto-staking CLAMs earned during the bond vesting period. Additionally, we’ve introduced a new bond using FRAX. We believe the FRAX protocol aligns with our vision of creating more investment options for the OtterClam community. This development also serves OtterClam as an organic means of exposure to the established FRAX community.

So, what is the net effect of this upgrade? In short, a healthier, more robust and diversified treasury, capable of handling the needs of a wide variety of investor risk profiles and investing strategies. We hope you take advantage of the new (4,4) bond opportunities, and if you’re not already part of the fam, come by and say hello to some fellow Otter friends on our friendly Discord!

Join our community!

Website: otterclam.finance

Discord: discord.gg/otterclam

Twitter: twitter.com/otterclam

Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/OtterClam/




Welcome to the Otter Kingdom

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Welcome to the Otter Kingdom

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