Introducing OtterClam Finance: A Reserve Currency Memecoin

  1. Memecoin Design
  2. Tokenomics
  3. pCLAM
  4. Smart Contracts & Frontend/Design
  5. Roadmap
  6. IDO & Launch (🦦,🦦)

1. Memecoin Design

  • MAI

2. Tokenomics

  • Each $CLAM is backed by $1 MAI (more types of reserve are on the way).
  • Tokens cannot be minted or burned by anyone except the protocol.
  • The protocol only mints or burns in response to price.
  • $CLAM does not rebase. Instead, a new supply is created via direct sales into the market and burned via direct purchases from the market. This way, $CLAM remains backed by the assets in the treasury, i.e., USD MAI.
  • When CLAM market price is below ↓ 1 MAI, the protocol buys it back and burns $CLAM.
  • When CLAM market price is above ↑ 1 MAI, the protocol mints and sells new $CLAM.

3. pCLAM

How pCLAM works

  • DAO: 700m and no supply cap (Community can vote on this)
  • TEAM: 300m and 5% supply cap (which is lower than other project because we love community)
  • Venture Capital: 0% (No, we don’t have V.C. backing)
  • Advisors: 0% (All Otters come from the community and work for the community)

4. Smart Contracts & Web/Design

5. Roadmap

2021 Winter

  • Complete audit
  • Setup the OtterDAO
  • Integrate more bonds
  • Introduce (4,4) bonds
  • Otter NFT drops (Who doesn’t wanna have a cute otter?)

2022 Spring

  • NFT/Bonding/Staking integration
  • Treasury yield earning strategies deployment
  • Cross-chain reserve mechanism

6. IDO & Launch (🦦,🦦)

  • Target: 1,000,000 $MAI
  • Price: 5 $MAI per $CLAM
  • Allocation: 200,000 $CLAM
  • Limit per wallet: 1,000 $MAI
  • All $CLAMs in the IDO will be staked directly in OtterClam platform after launch and locked for 24 hours.
  • The liquidity pool will open at $15 with $750k MAI liquidity
  • The initial system will only allow staking and bonds (no sales/purchases)



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